Frequently Asked Question

What is is an automated platform that helps people save, invest and access friendly loans.
Why is the smartest way to:
*Plan your finances to financial freedom through savings, investments and financial support
*Teach your children financial responsibility and financial intelligence
How are transactions done activated on
You activated your savings or investment account with your debit card from any Nigerian bank. Once your account is activated after selecting frequency of savings, like daily, weekly, monthly, ensures such amount at chosen intervals is frequently saved as selected.
Can i set up more than one savings plan?
You are free to set up as many plans as possible as part of your financial plan. Some people operate different buckets or plans for Emergency fund, Necessity bucket, Self development bucket, Investment bucket, Fun bucket etc.
How long can I save or invest before Withdrawal?
Savings are available for withdrawal on the following free withdrawal days:
Every 31st of March
Every 30th of June
Every 30th of September
Every 31st of December
To encourage a healthy culture of savings and financial discipline, withdrawals done outside the stated dates attract 5% charge.
Withdrawal of investment depends on the number of days chosen by the investor.
What happens when it's time for saving and there's no money in my account?
If there's no money in your bank account for savings, you miss the opportunity to save at that time. Savings continue in the next round.
Can I monitor my savings?
Yes, you monitor everything about your account from your private dashboard on
How secure is my information? does not store your card information. Your data is encrypted for your safety. Our staff do not have access to customer card details.
How safe are my savings and investment? invests customers' savings and investments in assets that insured and monitored closely but our investment experts.
Who are those behind is manned by erudite finance professionals, avid marketers and a strong team of IT professionals who are passionate about quality financial technology service delivery. The head of the team is Chris Nwaiwu, an astute chartered accountant
When do I withdraw on
These are our withdrawal date:
Free Withdrawal Quarters Free Days
1st Free Withdrawal Quarter 03/31/2020
2nd Free Withdrawal Quarter 06/30/2020
3rd Free Withdrawal Quarter 09/30/2020
4th Free Withdrawal Quarter 12/31/2020
Have other questions?
We are always here to answer them. Please send us an email: